When you call Zergott Landscaping about getting an estimate for a new landscape we send one of our landscapers out to meet with you.  We discuss your ideas and dreams for your yard, making a list of your “someday” plans as well as your immediate needs.  Then we’ll ask what plants you like or dislike, the colors you would like in your yard and match those with the current growing conditions in your yard—sun, shade, wind, soil conditions, and so forth.

After your appointment the landscaper will give his notes to our trained landscape designers.  If necessary they will come to your home to take appropriate measurements and see the site.  They then begin a design drawing for your property.  Designs can be as simple as a plant placement sketch or a full-blown, detailed rendering to scale of everything you hope for.  If you plan to stay in your home for a long time they can implement this plan in stages to accommodate your budget and still give you the yard of your dreams.  Depending on the size of your project, this design phase of your landscape can take up to 2 weeks from the time of your initial appointment.  There is a fee for the design, again depending on its complexity.  Finally, if you would like a design but plan to do the plant installation yourself, we will be happy to work with you and create one for you at a modest cost.


Although there are many low-maintenance plants to consider, there is no such thing as a maintenance-free yard.  Even silk flowers have to be dusted! You must determine how much time you can divest into gardening.  In other words: don’t plant more grass than you care to mow. Decide whether you and your family will maintain your investment or you will have a professional landscape company do some of the work. Small annual and perennial pockets can be planted in beds with low maintenance shrubs, or large English gardens can fill the theme of an entire yard.   It all depends on the look you want and how involved a gardener you are. A bed irrigation and sprinkler system can both conserve water and free you to concentrate on other gardening issues.

This list of common maintenance items will help you decide:

  • Watering Schedule
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Pest Control
  • Mulching
  • Pruning
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn Aeration

Do you love having a beautiful yard, but hate to get your hands dirty?  Are you overwhelmed with work and family responsibilities?  Let Zergott Landscaping help you keep your yard looking great!  Our maintenance department can do a one-time Spring or Fall clean-up, weeding, mulching, pruning, yard fertilization, or weekly grass cutting.  Call or come in today to inquire about all our maintenance services and let us know how we can help make your life a little easier.



While you are thinking about how you would like to use your yard, think about the types of specialty gardens you would like to incorporate into the design.  Consider whether or not you prefer formal or natural park-like plantings.

  • Vegetable, herbs, fruiting shrubs and trees require sunny conditions; and must be located in an area of the yard that suits their needs.
  • Perennial gardens can be either sunny or shady, but if you want a cutting garden, most will need sun.
  • A night garden would include mostly white flowering shrubs and perennials.  This is ideal if you work long days and don’t get out to the patio until after dark.
  • Water gardens include a water source, such as a pond, fountain, or custom water feature.  Plants that grow in water are both beautiful and help to filter your pond and create a habitat for frogs, fish, etc. that may inhabit the pond.  If you intend to have fish the pond will have minimum depth requirements.
  • A Japanese garden utilizes specific plants to create an Asian theme. The Japanese maple varieties offer a wide range of choices.  This small tree is a beautiful focal point around which to create a planting.
  •  A tropical garden can be achieved using Hearty Banana, Hearty Hibiscus, Hearty Bamboo, and other plants now available in patio containers to create a summer theme poolside.
  • Bloom times, fragrance, light and wind conditions, sometimes deer and rabbits, as well as your personal preferences all play a part in how your garden areas evolve.




Adding outdoor light to your landscape is one of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your setting.  Aside from adding beauty to your night landscape, outdoor lighting also gives security and safety to your property.  Add lights to steps and walk-way, enhance the architectural design of your home or showcase featured plants and trees.  And imagine entertaining guests into the evening hours as the lights glow on your patio!

At Zergott Landscaping Inc & Garden Center we can offer you a wide array of outdoor, low-voltage fixtures from Vistapro and Kichler Lighting. These reputed suppliers offer products that will perform for many years.  The knowledge we bring to design lighting for your home, combined with exquisite products and professional installation will all combine to make your home a standout.

Water Gardens

A water feature is the hottest addition to any garden, offering a cool respite from summer's heat! Whether it be through a pond, waterfall or standing water sculpture, water can provide stimulation to the senses. Adding a water feature to an existing or new garden plan is the latest trend in modem landscaping!

The larger yards lend themselves well to housing multilevel ponds, with waterfalls, trimmed in natural stones and boulders. On a smaller scale, you could place a standing fountain on a patio, with a recirculating pump, to keep the water moving. We carry kits for ponds and fountains at Zergott Garden Center. We also have a lovely pond stocked with fish next to a deck on our grounds. Come in soon to see what we have to offer!



When your lawn and gardens need water and you don’t have the time with the garden hose, consider adding an irrigation system to your home.  Our professionally installed irrigation systems will ensure that every part of your garden is properly hydrated so that it will thrive during the hottest and driest parts of summer.  Whether we are designing for lawn coverage or drip systems for the garden beds, Zergott Landscaping offers a total solution to your irrigation needs.

If your existing irrigation needs repair, Zergott Landscaping can take care of you.  We can perform your Spring Start-up, Fall Winterization or any repairs you need. However, we also offer complete lines of irrigation products for do-it-yourself repairs.

Decks and Custom eatures


Outdoor living areas are an essential element of many landscape designs, offering a common place for visitors to experience the owner’s design intent. Zergott Landscaping offers standard and unique designs for decks and patios to share the landscape with your closest friends in comfort.  Our decks are crafted from man-made materials (like Trex or Timber Tech) for longevity and ease of maintenance.  Modern pressure treated lumber options are available for more cost effective decking. 

In addition to deck and patios, Zergott Landscaping offers above ground solutions such as pergolas, trellises, and arbors to enhance your scenery.  Custom design options ensure that the plants are supported properly while also enhancing of your setting.  We have a variety of materials, designs, and innovative solutions that await you.  The season for your ideal landscape begins when you call for a free estimate.

Outdoor Rooms

utdoor Rooms are spaces created among various landscape objects such as fences, patios, plants or ponds.  Cooking countertops are practical around BBQ grills and offer areas for groups to gather.  Seating areas for  dining or relaxing can bring family members and friends together for. 

Retaining Walls

Some homes are not built on level land, and while slopes add visual interest, they just aren't the best for entertaining or even protecting your property from gently washing away into your neighbor’s yard.  The solution?  Retaining walls.  These wallss will hold a slope in place as well as provide your yard with more flat, usable, terraced space.

Building a retaining wall is not an easy project for an amateur and requires the know-how of a professional installer.  Zergott Landscaping can take care of your project, from filing the proper permit applications to installing the right wall for the right slope or hillside.  The degree of the slope, the amount of soil it needs to contain, the correct anchoring mechanisms and the right provisions for necessary drainage are all components of a long-lasting retaining wall that won’t soon lean like that tower in Pisa.

Patios and Walkways

Outdoor enjoyment of your landscape must include ways to move through your yard as well as a location for entertaining or just relaxing.

Zergott Landscaping offers handsome solutions to walkway and patio needs.  From welcoming guests to your front door or moving them along through the side yard to the back, walkways are a critical part of your overall landscape design.  We carry a wide variety of pavers, including those made by Unilock

Entertaining on your patio is almost an entertainment requirement, and at Zergott’s we can design a patio to fit your landscape as well as your entertaining needs.  Seeing your patio as your outdoor room, we offer many design options.  If you entertain larger groups of friends, why not consider sitting walls?  Do you enjoy cooking outdoors?  Consider a built in fireplace, grill or fire pit   Are you looking for a “wow” factor?  Pillars just might be your answer.  Or are you looking for a quiet retreat where you can relax?  Then a small patio with a lovely design or accent color might be just what you are looking for.

Our patios use pavers from many companies, including Unilock  These pavers come in different shapes, sizes and colors, offering a wide choice in that final look for your home.  By offering a modular product engineered to move with seasonal changes in nature, your patio can be easily repaired (should the need arrive), a distinct advantage over a poured concrete patio.

 Our landscape craftsmen will install your patio following city codes and industry standards, ensuring that your patio and/or walkway will bring you years of service.