While you are thinking about how you would like to use your yard, think about the types of specialty gardens you would like to incorporate into the design.  Consider whether you prefer formal or natural park-like plantings

  • Vegetable, herbs, fruiting shrubs and trees require sunny conditions; and must be located in an area of the yard that suits their needs.
  • Perennial gardens can be either sunny or shady, but if you want a cutting garden, most will need sun.
  • A night garden would include mostly white flowering shrubs and perennials.  This is ideal if you work long days and don’t get out to the patio until after dark.
  • Water gardens include a water source, such as a pond, fountain, or custom water feature.  Plants that grow in water are both beautiful and help to filter your pond and create a habitat for frogs, fish, etc. that may inhabit the pond.  If you intend to have fish the pond will have minimum depth requirements.
  • A Japanese garden utilizes specific plants to create an Asian theme. The Japanese maple varieties offer a wide range of choices.  This small tree is a beautiful focal point around which to create a planting.
  •  A tropical garden can be achieved using Hearty Banana, Hearty Hibiscus, Hearty Bamboo, and other plants now available in patio containers to create a summer theme poolside.
  • Bloom times, fragrance, light and wind conditions, sometimes deer and rabbits, as well as your personal preferences all play a part in how your garden areas evolve.