The Garden Center

Annuals and perennials offer vibrant color to any landscaping.   Depending on color, height and width, and longevity of bloom a vast array of choices await you at our garden center.  Our experienced staff will be able to help you select the right plants to liven up any area of your yard whether you are looking for season long color or a splash to highlight a specific area.  When purchasing annuals and perennials be sure to consider the amount of light the area will receive and the size of the space you are working in.  Special orders are possible as long as we can find your specific plant available through our growers.

We offer a large selection of annuals for planting during the growing season.  Annuals provide color for your yard consistently whether in a bed, hanging basket, container, or window box.

Perennials and grasses have a more limited bloom time than annuals, but can help you create a space that will grow and bloom from year to year without replanting.  Perennials come in a variety of shapes and colors to help meet any of your landscaping needs.



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Yes, we refill your own propane tank!  Unlike some exchange services, we fill your tank full and only charge you for the actual gallons we add.  And if you are wondering how you know when your tank is getting empty (before you start grilling that steak!) here’s a suggestion:  weigh your tank.  An empty tank weighs 18-20 lbs. (check the handle for your tank’s empty weight).  4 gallons of propane weighs another 20 lbs.  So a full tank weighs between 38-40 lbs.  If your tank only weighs 22-23 lbs., better come to Zergotts for a fill-up today!  If you would like to buy another tank, we also have new tanks for sale.


You can also find:

  • Hanging baskets, annuals and perennials that are hardy to this area and are in season
  • Vegetable and flower seeds

  • Bulk grass seed
  • Deer and rabbit repellent
  • Fertilizer, insecticide and fungicide
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Irrigation parts and components (Toro, Hunter, and Rainbird)
  • Garden tools and supplies
  • Pond supplies
  • Products to kill wasps or start compost piles