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Check our home page for our current hours so you can get the best choice of most of our perennials, trees and shrubs.  Supplies are limited.  We offer delivery for a reasonable fee.  It's not too late to plant trees, shrubs and perennials now that Autumn is here.   Remember that you can add immediate fall color now with an array of blooming Mums and Autumn Joy Sedum!  We have baskets of Winter Pansies that look so cute, you will just have to bring one home for a friend too!   

Cleaning up your yard now will make way for  new spring growth without the clutter of leaves or debris.  You need to stack the deck by stocking up now on healthy plant material and fertilizers.  Zergott Landscaping and Garden Center is just the place for you!  

As you look around your yard do you see that changes need to be made? Are you anxious to add some color and variety to your landscaping?  Do you need privacy from a busy street or loud neighbor?  Does your property line need a straight hedge?  Are there open areas that need filling?  Do dead shrubs need to be replaced?  Or has everything become overgrown?

Lucky for you that Zergott's can help you draw a winning hand!!  We have a wide variety of shrubs and trees.   We have everything you‘ll need to transform your property into a paradise!  

Spring flowering trees like Redbud, Dogwood, Magnolia, Crabapple, Cherry, Serviceberry and Lilac will entice you to add several of them to your yard this season.  Many of them have lovely scented blossoms, interesting barks, berries for your feathered friends and spectacular autumn colors.  We carry all of these trees!

Spring blooming shrubs will catch your eye as you pass by homes, longing for color after our long, grey winter.   Forsythia is one of the first shrubs to flaunt its yellow blossoms.  Azaleas and Rhododendrons offer a wide spectrum of colors and bloom times, depending on the varieties you choose.  Pieris Japonica has delicate flowers and new growth that changes color as it matures.  Fothergilla has a unique bottle-brush flower and amazing fall color.  Planting three-of-a-kind is a good way to fill an area while bringing visual continuity by repeating shrubs.

There are  so many shrubs and trees to shuffle through, that they can cause your head to spin.  Let us help you.  Come to Zergott's Landscaping and Garden Center!  Bring photos of your yard or your smart phone full of images.  Our knowledgeable, friendly employees will walk around the Garden Center with you to deal you a successful combination of the right shrubs and trees.  We do offer the service of planting most things for you also.  So keep this in mind if you are too busy to do your own planting. We hope to see you soon!

Posted on April 15, 2015 .