Plant your Daffodils, Crocus, Tulips and other spring-blooming bulbs NOW for pops of color next spring!   When they poke their little heads up through the mulch (or snow) in April and May you will reap the cheery rewards from the choices you make now.  Create a colorful mosaic to brighten your mood next spring and say goodbye to the gray days of winter.  Don’t wait until spring because it will be too late to plant spring bulbs and expect instant results!



Lots of Choices!

Zergott’s Garden Center carries a wide variety of bulbs:  Allium*, Bearded Iris*, Crocus, Daffodil*, Fritillarea*, Hyacinth*, Narcissus*, Siberian Squill*, Snowdrops* and Tulips.   We have all the tools you will need to plant your bulbs: a  Long-handled Bulb Trowel (to save your knees),  a pair of Heavy Duty Garden Gloves (to protect your manicure) and an Earth Auger which fits  a ¼” drill or larger (to make digging in hard soil much easier.)


Planting Instructions

Plant your bulbs this Autumn before the ground freezes but after the first hard frost.  We recommend that you dig the several inches above the height of the bulb, following the directions provided.  Add Bulb Tone Bulb and Flower Food or Bone Meal to each hole.  Add Molemax in each hole or spray bulbs with Repels-All to keep critters from eating your bulbs. Plant the bulbs in clusters of 3 to 5 per hole, with the pointed ends up.  Water them well.  Jot down where you plant which bulbs to avoid disturbing them next year when you plant your annuals. Next spring take photos of your spring display for  a handy reference.   


Bulbs can stay in the ground from year to year, which is quite a savings for you.  Some bulbs like Daffodils, Narcissus, Snowdrops and Crocus will naturally multiply each year. So take advantage of that fact and place them where there is enough room for expansion.  Consider being creative with your bulb placement.  Imagine them appearing in unlikely locations to delight you and neighbors.  Plant bulbs around statuary or walkways.  Or toss crocus on your lawn today and plant them where they each land.  Next spring they will surprise you and sprout with the warmth of early spring days, well before it’s time to mow your lawn. The dried leaves and spent bloom of the crocus will be cut with the first mowing.



Do you have deer problems?  Choose bulbs that yield deer-resistant blossoms.  Deer prefer the blossoms of Crocus and Tulips. So pick from the deer-resistant bulbs listed above which are marked with an asterisk*.  


If something “comes up” in your life and you cannot plant your bulbs outside now, add them to your gift baskets for family and friends.  They will thank you and just may give you a bouquet of blossoms next spring!  (Bulbs cannot be stored until next Autumn.)

Come in this Autumn for the best choices of bulbs!

Posted on October 21, 2015 .