Flight of the Fairies!


Come visit our tiny Fairy Garden, safe within the walls of Zergott Garden Center!  

Bring along your own little urchins and let them peek at the gnomes and fairies. They will laugh with delight as they imagine the antics of the woodland creatures!

Why not create an outdoor Fairy Garden for yourself?  These miniature gardens bring out the playful child in all of us.  Zergott’s carries all the elements you’ll need to make a fantasy Fairy Garden:  fairies, gnomes, houses, fencing, tables, chairs, wheelbarrows, garden tools, pots, mushrooms, bird houses, bridges, pea gravel, pond pebbles, stepping stones and rocks.  

Ground cover Junipers, Gold Mop Cypress, Birds Nest Spruce and Little Gem Dwarf Spruce will provide appropriate evergreen woodland settings for your Fairy villages.  Succulents  like Chicks n’ Hens or Sedums also work splendidly with the small-scale figures.  Tuck in delicate perennials and annuals to brighten the scene.  Fragrant Sweet Woodruff, Thyme, Alyssum and small-leafed perennials, like Creeping Phlox, can be placed around the Fairy houses and stepping stones.    

We have handy, colored, metal trays and pottery to use for container Fairy Gardens  They are small, transportable and will hold your village with ease.  Bring your tiny Fairy wonderland inside during the construction phase.  You will be able to work on it in the comfort of your kitchen.  After you add all the finishing touches, just place it outside, in an area that is visible  and reachable.  Or use houseplants and keep your Fairy Garden inside.  Whether it is used as a table-top decoration inside or a playful addition to your patio, porch, landscaping or deck, it is sure to catch the attention of your family and guests.  Add your own special touches to personalize your Fairy Garden, like your family name or address.

What a great gift idea!  Buy all the pieces and assemble it together with someone special. Together you will be creating a memory and a unique gift to be enjoyed for many years to come.  Do you know someone who is restricted to their home or nursing home?  A Fairy Garden may be just the thing to bring a smile to their face and brightness to their room.  It might just bring back some wonderful childhood memories for you too!

Posted on August 26, 2014 .