Sprinkler Systems and Water Features For You!

Tired of dragging hoses with sprinklers across your lawn all season?  Or seeing hoses laying around to water your garden?  Consider an Irrigation System! Zergott Landscaping and Garden Center can set you up!  We will measure and make our recommendations to install a complete irrigation system for you.  Wouldn’t it be convenient to have your watering done automatically, even while you’re on vacation this summer?  Call Zergott’s!  In the spring we can start up your system and in the fall put it to “bed.”  We carry a full line of spare parts for repairs too.

Who can custom-make a pond or waterfall?  Zergott’s can!  The sound of trickling water can be very soothing as you sit on your patio or deck.  We have photographs of formal and informal water features we have installed throughout the years on our website and in our Garden Center.  Formal fountains with paver walls and seating areas are so inviting for entertaining your guests.  Natural rock waterfalls or ponds will add new dimensions to your landscaping.

Think “out of the box” to imagine a lovely water feature in the area of your yard where you sit the most. You may even want to hang a hammock to take advantage of the gurgling water to lull you to sleep. The front landscaping would also lend itself well to a pond with a few lawn chairs for casual conversations with your neighbors.  

Call Zergott’s today to set an appointment for a free consultation and estimate:  440.777.3810.

Posted on May 1, 2014 .