April Showers do bring May Flowers!

Yes, SPRING is finally here!


The adage is old but true.  Those drippy days of April are necessary for spring flowers to delight you in May!  So keep your umbrella handy and head over to Zergott Landscaping and Garden Center!  


Stock up on vegetable and flower seeds and plan your garden layout.  Arrange for a load of organic Sweet Peet to be delivered to add to your garden, for a rich planting medium.  Plant cold weather vegetables when the soil is workable.  Then at the end of the  month plant a second crop so that you can extend the period of harvest.  Sow tomato seeds inside.  Involve children in this process  to show them how tiny seeds end up providing food for your dinner table.  


Use Sweet Peet to amend the soil in your perennial garden too.  Crowded perennials can be divided now, if you didn’t do it last fall, and transplanted to other suitable areas..  Pick up a bag of potting soil so you can repot your family of houseplants to take advantage of the spurt of growth that comes with spring.


Use horticultural oil to control spider mites on spruces.  We carry products to help you.  We also provide a complete line of Greenview products.  Start applying the Crabgrass Control/Fertilizer on your lawn now.

Mulch is like frosting on the cake for your beds!  Place your order now to be picked up or delivered by us (for a nominal fee.)  Call us today: 440.777.3810 to be put on our schedule.

Posted on April 1, 2014 .