Are you ready to say goodbye to your shovel and boots? Pour a cup of steaming coffee, tea or hot chocolate while you imagine the warmth of spring! Make plans now to do some spring prep work in the upcoming months.

Spring Cleaning

 Don’t forget the outdoors when you’re making your list for indoor spring cleaning. Raking, cleaning and trimming the debris from your landscape beds and lawn should be your first order of business.  This will help to prevent snow mold from forming.  Be careful not to work the soil if it’s too wet. Cut back any dead perennials which you may have missed last fall.  Pruning shrubs and trees before they leaf out will make the job easier.  When the temperature rises above freezing (be patient, it will!) it is safe to prune woody plans.  Edging your beds when the soil is workable will save you time next month. 

Chemical Application

To prevent early spring weeds, apply Preen, a pre-emergent weed killer, to the soil in your outdoor beds.  Fertilize your lawn with Greenview Crabgrass Control./Fertilizer.  We carry the full line products for the 4-step lawn program. When temperatures are above 40 degrees, apply dormant oil to shrubs to guard against insects before the buds break.

Uncloak Your Roses

At the end of the month remove the winter protection from your rose bushes to allow air to circulate around them.  Transplant roses that need to be moved.  Plant bare-root roses and also container-grown roses.



Come in now for the best selection of vegetable and flower seeds!  We carry a wide supply at Zergott’s Garden Center.  Consider making a notebook to chart the growth of the specific varieties you plan to use this year.  Note where you planted which seeds in order to rotate their location the following year.  Rate your success this season.  Add photographs to have a colorful scrapbook for your reference and enjoyment.


Early Color

At the end of the month plant your pansies.  Keep in mind the areas where spring bulbs will be popping up next month.  


Take the Pressure Off!

If all of this is too much for you to handle this month, call Zergott’s to arrange for us to do the Spring Clean-up for you!  It’s as easy as a phonecall:  440.777.3810.


Posted on March 4, 2014 .