Look Who's Coming!

Dig out your flannel pajamas and furry slippers, Old Man Winter is right around the corner!  Are you ready?  If not, let Zergott Landscaping help you!  We don’t stock flannel and fur, but we have just about everything else you’ll need to welcome the blustery days of winter.  It’s as simple as a phone call: 440-777-3810.

Sprinkler Systems

If you are fortunate enough to have a sprinkler system for your yard, it should be shut down before the temperature reaches freezing.  We are scheduling shut-downs now, so call today to get a date.  

If you don’t have an irrigation system, we can install one for you next spring.  Let us put you on our 2015 list.  Rest assured that you won’t miss dragging your hoses around your yard to water your lawn and landscape beds once the warm spring weather begins!

Just a reminder:  Don’t forget to turn off your exterior faucets and drain your hoses.


That dreaded four letter word will be appearing out your window too soon, unless you’re headed south for the winter!  Don’t be caught off guard!  Become one of our snowplow customers and rest easy at night, knowing your driveway will be clear.  We do residential and commercial properties.  Call us today to get on our seasonal snowplow route, if you live in North Olmsted, Berea, Olmsted Township, North Ridgeville or Westlake, Ohio:  440-777-3810.   We will give you a free estimate and mail you a contract.  Let your fingers do the walking so we can do your snow removal!


You will need firewood for your hearth or fire pit to keep you warm and toasty on those blustery winter days and nights!  We sell firewood in various quantities:  stack, ⅓ cord, ½ cord and full cords.  Delivery is available for a reasonable fee.  

Please check Zergott’s home page for our current hours because they change along with the seasons.  Call us today at 440-777-3810 to set up an appointment for an estimate or a delivery. In the meantime, enjoy “the calm before the storm” of winter!


Posted on November 4, 2014 .