Gardening Must do's for March

  • Rake winter debris from beds.
  • Remove burlap shields from shrubs.
  • Replace frost-lifted plants.
  • Fertilize houseplants.
  • Clean and sharpen garden tools.
  • Weed and edge beds and lawn.
  • Tune-up and clean lawnmower.
  • Plan vegetable garden, rotating plant locations from last year.
  • Cut down ornamental grasses, before the new growth appears.
  • Keep your bird feeder well stocked during winter months, when natural foods may be scarce.
  • Read gardening Magazines for ideas!
  • Weather permitting (or in April)
  • Till garden soil when it is dry.
  • Apply Preen to beds to prevent weeds.
  • Prune winter injury off shrubs and trees, being careful not to cut buds off of spring bloomers.
  • Spray dormant oil to prevent spider mites and most scale insects, especially on euonymus.
  • Spray fruit trees.
  • Dethatch; aerate lawn, before first fertilizer application.


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Posted on March 3, 2013 .