Holiday Express!


The holidays are almost upon us!  Let Zergott Landscaping be your one-stop-shopping store!  Print out the shopping list below and head on over for some one-on-one, cheerful, personal attention from the Zergott family and staff!  We would like to make your shopping experience a very delightful one.


Decorate your home and office with a natural, live evergreen tree and fresh pine roping this year!  Our fresh trees have arrived this last week of November!  Come in quickly to tag the tree of your choice.  We will gladly hold your tree for you until you’re ready for it and even put a fresh cut on the trunk before you head home.  We will provide you with Tree Care Instructions to make the most of your purchase.  You can pick your tree up during our convenient hours or we will be happy to deliver your tree for a nominal charge.   

Prolong the life of your indoor tree with Prolong Tree Preservative and lots of fresh water.  Placement far away from fireplaces, stoves and heat vents is a wise decision, to keep it from drying out quickly.


Choose the BEST Christmas Tree for you:

Concolor Fir Long, soft Blue-green Terrific Good
Douglas Fir Short, soft Dk. bl.-grn. Terrific Good
Fraser Fir Short Dk. bl.-grn. Terrific Great
Scotch Pine Long Dark grn. Yes Great
White Pine Long, soft Med. grn. Terrific Great
Blue Spruce Short Blue Yes Good

Be earth-friendly after you ring in the New Year!  Consider recycling your cut tree. Check with your city’s service department for curbside pick-up.  If you use a Tree Removal Bag, which we sell, you can avoid a trail of needles from your tree stand to the curb!


__ Angels- reminders of the reason for the season!  

__ Bird Feeder and Seed:  what a thoughtful gift for nature lovers!

__ Christmas Cactus: a great gift idea for that gift “that keeps on giving!”

__ Christmas Tree:  fresh-cut (disposable) or live, balled & burlapped (plantable!)

__ Critter Food:  don’t forget your feathered & furry visitors!

__ Fatwood:  good, non-toxic fire-starter for fireplaces or fire pits (no chemicals added!)

__ Fountain:  enjoy the sounds of trickling water indoors all year long! 

__ Firewood:  remember “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire?”  WE DELIVER!

__ Fresh Wreaths:  We used “Wilt-Pruf to extend their life!  It works!  Some are decorated for you!  Others you can decorate yourself.

__ Gift Certificate: the perfect gift in any amount that eliminates the guesswork!

__ Memorial Wreaths and Stands:  place them before the ground freezes!

__ Ornaments:  tiny, glittery, unique!    

__ Pine Roping:  for exterior or interior decorating (to bring that fresh smell inside!)

__ Poinsettias:  “Dress up” your home! Pick up extra for festive hostess gifts

__ Prolong Tree Preservative:  easy to use, just add water!

__ Propane:  grilling outside can keep you from “roasting” your guests!

__ Snowmen: the soft, stuffed kind that won't melt!

__ Statuary:  useful inside or outside, for a unique gift!

__ Trees- Fresh evergreen trees or easy, artificial, electric trees.

__ Tree Removal Bags:  no muss, no fuss, no needles to vacuum up!

__ Tree Stands:  sturdy and reliable!

__ Tree Toppers:  no tree is finished without one!

__ Wilt-Pruf: good on fresh wreaths, roping, also azaleas, boxwood, holly and rhododendron.

__ Wreaths: artificial, ready to display; no decorations needed! 


Posted on November 26, 2013 .