Autumn Tasks

Makin' a List and Checkin' in Twice!

Get your notepad ready!  No this isn't a countdown till Christmas (you have a dozen weeks)!  This is your list of garden tasks to do before the snow flies and the ground freezes:

  • FALL FERTILIZERS- Apply this month. We carry all the products you'll need!

  • CLEAN UP-- Rake & remove debris from beds.

  • PRUNE- deadwood from trees and shrubs that do not bloom in the spring..

  • SPRING BULBS- Plant tulips, crocus and daffodils after the first hard morning frost.

  • LAWN- Aerate (if needed), edge and  FERTILIZE your lawn now for a better, stronger lawn next year!  Reseed bare spots before the leaves begin falling.

  • PANSIES-  Plant in well-drained soil in part sun.  They will bloom thru fall.

  • BIRDS-  Clean out feeders so you can fill them with Wild Delight Bird Seed!

  • SAVE PLANTS-  Dig up, repot and tag plants you want to bring in for the winter.

  • NEED HELP?  Zergott's can schedule a Fall Clean-up, to give you time to make costumes and bake for Halloween!  

  • It's easy, just call us at 440-777-3810.


  • Call us to close down your  sprinkler system before winter:  440-777-3810.

  • Clean and tune up lawn mower and other power equipment before storing.

Don't have the time for all of this? 

Call Zergott’s to schedule a Fall Clean-up! It’s as easy as dialing 440-777-3810 or emailing us at  

Having us do your work is easy, quick and takes the pressure off of you!  We charge by time and materials. We give FREE ESTIMATES!  You don’t even have to be home at the time.

Photo By Dylan Duvergé from Santa Cruz, USA (UCSC Barn) CC BY 2.0

Posted on April 16, 2015 .