Hot colors of Summer Bulbs!

Want to add amazing summer color to your garden this year?  Plant BULBS that will bloom this summer and possibly into the fall!  We have Dahlias, Tuberous Begonias, Lilies and Tuberoses.  Bulbs need to be planted with the buds pointing up in moist, well-drained soil, rich in organic matter. Most bulb tubers must be dug up before winter and stored in a frost-free place until next spring. Or you can treat them as annuals, discarding them and planting new ones next year.  Several of the fragrant Lilies are winter hardy.  The Dahlias, Lilies and Tuberoses require full sun. The Begonias need partial shade to full shade and have larger blossoms than ones grown from seed.

Plant the bulbs closeby where you can watch the fluttering butterflies and birds that are attracted to them.  Make breathtaking floral arrangements for your home with the cut blossoms.

Dahlias come in almost every color of the rainbow, with blossoms in several forms, from daisy-like singles like the Cactus ‘Hayley Jane’ (white with deep pink tips) to more quilled types like the Fimbriata ‘Alauna Clair-Obscur’ (purple with white tips).  The Dinner Plate varieties like ‘Dazzling Magic’ (bright yellow) have blossoms that are as large as your head!  What a spectacular hot shot of color they will give your garden!  

We have two types of Calla Lily bulbs that are DEER RESISTANT!  Albomaculata (ivory white) and Black Forest (dark maroon) both need full to partial sun and will delight you with their graceful blooms all summer.  

We hope to see you at Zergott’s Garden Center, filling your basket with summer bulbs!

Posted on April 12, 2015 .